Our Services are:

From all ports in the world, we move cargo with extreme care and at optimal rates. We are among the leaders of sea freight forwarders in Pakistan, with a worldwide network of our partners.

Our air freight solutions are unmatchable among our competitors. We strive hard to assist and also guide our diets in every step of the supply chain.

We are proficient in providing safe and reliable road transportation with a trusted and modernized flat vehicles, from small trucks to long body trailers, to any desired location within Pakistan.

We have all the arrangements with the railway for transport of containers cargo from Karachi to all upcountry and vice versa.

The most technical part of logistics is custom clearance. We are specialized in custom clearance of all kinds of products, equipment and materials.

Our workforce remains updated with custom rules, notifications and changes in the SRO’s happen time to time, in order to advise our clients regarding all potential savings in the clearance process.

We are fully skilled in handling and movement of all kinds and sizes of the projects. The best blend of our secure relationship with reputed shipping lines, worldwide network of association, material handling equipment, expertise and study in logistic industry enables us to reduce project movement costs along with the shortest transit times to allow timely execution of the projects.


Office No. 15, 4th Floor, Gohar Center,
Wahdat Road, (Muslim Town Morr),
Lahore (Pakistan)